Saturday, April 11, 2009

Urban Farm on Wilson St.

The Urban farm over on Wilson St. has gotten a lot of press lately. Also the city has mentioned that the Stevenses could go through Grassroots Gardens to get their lease for the land. In the past the Mayor's administration was very helpful in working with Grassroots Gardens and moved the leases that are needed through the process quickly. Currently there have been no new leases with Grassroots Gardens in more than one year. This is a big deal as Grassroots Gardens has not be able to allow over 20 Community groups the ability to use their community gardens. The gardening season is upon us, so we would like to allow people to garden. Mr. Mayor and Commissioner Reilly please move these leases off of your desk and into the Common Council for approval! Check out David Torke's post on the Mayor's response to questions regarding the Urban Farm on Wilson St.

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